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Departure Form

This form must be completed upon the departure of the RV as a part of the Westaway's Getaways checkout process.

Customer Information




Phone Number:  

Step 1 - Damage Walkthrough

The purpose of this walkthrough is to set an agreed upon baseline for the condition of the RV with the renter. This helps prevent disputes should damage occur. Must do a comprehensive walkthrough and point out pre-existing damage to the appropriate spots below.

Noted Exterior Damages:

Noted Interior Damages:

Step 2 - Training Walkthrough

The purpose of this walkthrough is to ensure renters are aware of operating procedure of the RV. 

Check off each step in training below, leave blank if not applicable.

Training Walkthrough

Step 3 - Setup/Tear Down Lesson

The purpose of this step is to teach renters all elements of setting up and tearing down camp. Check once completed.

Setup/Tear Down

Step 4 - Driving Lesson

Be sure to allow all primary drivers a turn at driving or towing the RV. Be sure to thoroughly answer any questions that come up. Check off when completed.

Driving Lesson

Step 5 - Final Condition Check

Check over the RV to ensure its road worthiness. Check off each task as completed.

Final Condition Check

Step 6 - Overview of Conditional Fees & Renter Responsibilities

The purpose of this step is to remind the renters of their responsibilities as well as the additional fees that they may incur if they fail to meet these responsibilities. Check off each section once discussed.

Conditional Fees

Step 7 - Mileage and Tank Readings

If applicable (write N/A if not), you must record the current readings listed below in the presence of the renter:

Step 8 - Additional Drivers

Please list any additional drivers aside from the primary renter who signed the Rental Agreement. Keep in mind, drivers must be 25 years of age or older.

Step 9 - Sign off & Send off

Once all steps on the Departure Form have been completed and documented, and all of the renter’s questions answered, both you and the primary renter (whoever signed the Rental Agreement) must sign off on the Departure Form. All necessary contact information must be exchanged. Check off each section as completed:

* If you have RVshare rental insurance, your addendum will serve as proof of insurance. The addendum was emailed to you when the insurance transaction processed.

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Signed On: June 17, 2020

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