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Return Form

This form must be completed upon the return of the RV as a part of the Westaway's Getaways checkout process.

Step 1 - Damage Walkthrough

The purpose of this walkthrough is to discover and record any damage that has occurred during the rental. You must do a comprehensive review of the condition of the entire interior and exterior, which includes the undercarriage and roof, of the RV. 

Noted Exterior Damages/Estimated Cost of Repair:

Noted Interior Damages//Estimated Cost of Repair:

Step 2 - Overview of Conditional Fees

The purpose of this step is to remind the renter about all of their responsibilities as well as the additional fees that they may have incurred if they failed to meet these responsibilities. Please record these readings in the presence of the renter. Write N/A if not applicable.

Odometer Reading:    miles

Fuel Level:  Fuel Level  

Waste Tank:  Waste Tank  

Propane Tank Level:   

Generator:    hours

Early/Late Pick-up and Fee?   

Drop Off Time:   

Step 3 - Sign Off

Once all steps on the Return Form have been completed and documented, both the owner and the primary renter (whoever signed the Rental Agreement) must sign off on the Check-In Form.

After the unit has been returned, the owner has up to 72 hours to request reimbursement for damages or overages against the security deposit. The renter will be notified if charges are made against the security deposit and will have the ability to dispute these charges within a reasonable timeframe as determined by RVshare. RVshare reserves the right to charge the renter’s credit card for any damages or overages sustained during the rental that exceed the security deposit. This includes any insurance deductible amount that may be owed.


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